here are my thoughts..

I'm kind of sort of slightly a little super duper gay, oops



I want kids so bad

so go to a playground and take one stupid where do u think kids come from

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I’m a damsel, I’m in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day.

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# no-one promotes confident body image like rebel wilson # favourite quote of the whole movie

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Anonymous asked: I'm one of the most feminine, sensitive, girly, emotional people I know, and sometimes I feel like when I tell people I'm gay, they're just like "No way I've never met someone straighter." It's so frustrating, sometimes I feel like I need to buy a bunch of flannel shirts and cut my hair really short and fulfill a bunch of stereotypes just to get people to take me seriously. Has anyone else ever had this problem?



This is an age old problem. Boss’ say you’re too young, boys don’t take you seriously as a girlfriend but more of a fling, your friends don’t take you seriously because you’re the funny one. 

It’s simple just be like “well that’s your bad” or “you should be careful next time you date a “straight” girl then” or my fav “THAT’S NICE FUCK OFF I’M GAY I DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT WHO YOU HAVE OR HAVE NOT MET WHO IS STRAIGHTER GOOD BYE”


i heard the funniest time travel joke tomorrow

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there’s always a white boy in every class that just talks and talks and talks like timothy stop just write it down!! make a mental note!!! wait till after class and tell ya friends on reddit!!

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I want someone to really want me. Make a big deal about me, tell me I’m on your mind way too fucking much but you kinda like it. Make it completely obvious that I’m the person you want. Tell me you can’t wait to see me; show me how you feel so I can feel it too.
Make me feel something I’ve never felt before. Tell your friends about me & I’ll tell them about how you make butterflies swam my stomach. Want me as much as I want you.

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Why do we call each other sluts, anyway? (x)

run for president

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